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Chapter 1:
Harley’s Point Of View
I woke up to the sound of people whispering. What’s going on? All I remember is Mommy and Daddy was about to get on stage to perform and I was falling asleep in the back. Daddy gave me a kiss on my head and said he would be back. Now I’m here. I lift up my head and open my eyes. I yawn then rub my sleepy eyes with my little hands and look around. There was about five kids and a lady. I was inside some place and there was kids outside. The lady smiles at me.
“Hello there, my name is Suzy. What is your name honey?”  
“Where Mommy and Daddy?” I ask.
“Honey they died during one of their acrobatic acts. It happened while you were sleeping.” She looked sad.
“Uh, your father was decapitated and your mother was shot.” I didn’t know what decapitated means but I think it’s bad. The nice lady pulls me in her arms. I cry. “Sweetie what is your name?”
“Harleen,” I say still crying.
“What a pretty name that is Harleen. Pretty name for just as pretty girl.” She rubs my back to try and make me cry no more. “Well Harleen I think you will make so many friends here. I bet you could even be good friends with Edward, Sam, Selina, or even Pamela.” She points to each kid when she says their name. I see a boy in the corner. He looked sad. Suzy didn’t talk about him.
“Who’s he?” I point to the boy.
“Oh that boy is named Jason. He likes to keep to himself.” She smiles at me sweetly. I crawl out of her arm and over to the boy.
“Hi!” I say. I sat in front of him. He looks at me then away from me. “My name is Harleen.”
“Psh, Harleen.”
“Do you not like my name?” That made me sad.
“Yep, too fancy.”
“Your name is dumb.” I cross my arms.
“Is not.”
“Is too!”
“Is not!”
“Is too!”
“You’re right, it is.” He shrugs not looking at me.
“How old?”
“I’m three!” I smile at him. That was a start of a beautiful friendship.  

Chapter 2:
Harley’s Point Of View
I run down the halls after Jason. He was far ahead of me. “Jason wait up!” I yell at him.
“I hate that name!” He yells back not slowing down at all.
“It’s still your name!”
“Hey! No running in the halls!” I hear a voice shout from the end of the hall. I see Jason running towards me laughing. The owner of the orphanage comes speed walking towards us.  
“Run!” Jason yells at me. I ran. After Suzy moved away because her dad died three years ago she was replaced with Miss. Numb. The lady was horrible and let the kids have no fun. That is why most people wanted to be like me and Jason. We had the guts to piss off that evil witch! Everyone else was afraid to stand up to her. If I was not friends with Jason I would be afraid too. We have been friends since I have lived here when I was three. That was four years ago and now I am seven and Jason is eight but his birthday is soon. Jason rounded a corner and ran into a room which I soon did as well. Jason sat down in a car huffing and puffing.
The room was white and didn’t have much in it. Just a single chair in the center. The room was small and was used for punishment. You would be locked in here for a hour or so with nothing to do if you did something too bad.
“Jason?” I asked after I closed the door. He has never been out of breath like this before. “Jason?” I ask again. I was starting to get a little worried. “Jason Johnson!”
“I hate that name,” he says without looking at me.
“Then what do you want me to call you then?” I ask putting my hands on my hips.
“I don’t know. I don’t like Jason though,” he replies. Jason was sitting tall in his chair. His short sunny blonde hair had a little bit of sweat in it. It was kinda gross. Jason had a very square face making his jaw line strong and define. His green eyes sparkled. He has amazing green eyes.
“How about Mista J?” I ask him. His face lite up.
“I love it Harls!” Jason stand up and pulls me into a hug. Oh don’t let go... ever. I begged inside my mind. I think he didn’t want to let me go either because he held me for a long time. After he let go of me he walked back to the chair and sat down. He crosses his legs then puts his hands on the one leg that was on top of the other. He looks at me with an overly happy smile and says in a voice that mocks girls and how happy and crazy  they get when planning something, “Okay Harleen, it’s going to be my birthday soon so we have to plan what is going to happen. Won't that be fun?” I broke out in giggles as Jason uncrosses his legs. He then says in his normal voice, “no seriously Harley we need to start planning.”
“I thought you were not the serious type Mista J.”
“I’m not but I can always try something new.”
“Oh fine, what is it Jason?” I ask.
“That’s not my name.”
“It is your name and you hate it just like you hate mine!” I snap at him. Jason sighs.
“I do not hate your name! I love your name! I said that when we were just little. Will you forget about it?”
“I love your name like I love you.” I blushed. He loves me? Well of course he does. Jason says he loves me a lot.
“I love you too puddin’.”
“Don’t call me that.” Jason crosses his arms around his chest and pouts. I could see that he was happy that I loved him though.
“I will call you whatever I want Mista J.”
“Whatever you will always call me Mista J in the end.”
“I know I will but I can always put up a fight.” I shrug my shoulders.  “So what are you doing for your birthday?”
So this is my Story The Start Of the Joke. It is my Fan Fiction of what i think happened (or should have happened) With Harley and Joker when they were kids. I know this is not like the Cartoon but it is a Fan Fiction it is my idea not what happened 100%. So I put the first two chapters because if i just did the first one then you might not know who Jason is. I hope by the end of the two chapters you will know who Jason is. If not i am sorry. Favorite this story and i will tell you when more is up.
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So they knew each other when they were kids...this is going to be interesting :D good job by the way, I like it.
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Thank you so much! 

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Thanks I will try to describe the setting more
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